Equine Assisted Therapy

Does your child have an addiction, trauma, social / behavioral disorder, or other issues? EAP can help with your child find meaningful lasting solutions.*

Excerpt from Equine Assisted Therapy:

Kids with emotional and behavioral issues can be difficult to work with. Most of them are slow to trust adults, and may be unwilling to trust anyone at all. In addition, if the emotional or behavioral issues are caused by abuse, the child could be angry and prone to emotional outbursts. Cognitive therapy that includes an equine assisted program can be of great benefit to this type of person.

There are several aspects of cognitive/equine assisted therapy that work well with kids who have emotional and behavioral issues. One of the simplest aspects is diversion. When a young person is focused on grooming, feeding, or exercising a horse, his focus is no longer on his own issues and problems. Far from being a “means of escape”, caring for the horse provides an often-needed respite for the person’s emotions and intellect. It can actually help the person feel refreshed and energized because the mind has been allowed to “rest” from its current problems.

*3 Wings of Life is an EAGALA CERTIFIED (Equine Assisted growth and Learning Association) facility.


We offer the following Equine programs at our San Tan location:

Program 1*

For those interested in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy please contact us via email.

Note:  EAP and EAL is 100% on the ground with a Mental Health professional and Equine specialist.

Program 2

For those interested in the joy of just getting your child on a horse please contact us via email.  We provide helmets and a horse walker. Children need to be dressed in long pants and closed-toe shoes to ride.

*All equine programs require a liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Karen & Clancy

Karen with her miniature horse Clancy are now certified Pet Partners. We would love to visit you in the hospital, assisted living facility, schools, or other public places and events. Please call 602-463-5001 to schedule a visit. For more information about Pet Partners and our certification process go to www.petpartners.org.

Note: Some facilities do not allow indoor equine visits, please check with yours before scheduling.