Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story

They were airborne for six minutes. And then they were gone.

On Thanksgiving eve 2011, Karen Perry’s life changed forever when her three young children and their father died in a plane that crashed into Superstition Mountain in Arizona. The story made national headlines.

Everyone wanted to know: how does a mother comprehend such pain? This is her tragic, and ultimately hopeful, story of perseverance in the face of unimaginable loss.

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Book Reviews

Amid Karen’s terrible tragedy is the inspiring story of the deep and passionate support she received from her colleagues at Delta Air Lines. Her journey is a remarkable one, we are proud to have her as a member of the Delta family.

Richard A. Anderson

Chief Executive Officer, Delta

I read Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story with a heavy heart. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) had concerns with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airspace changes before this tragedy occurred. I applaud Karen for her bravery in writing this book and sharing the lessons to be learned. By telling her story I am hopeful the memory of the six victims—including her three children and their father—will make a difference by educating pilots and policymakers so this kind of tragedy never happens again.

Mark Baker

President and CEO, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story is a story of finding purpose out of chaos and the courage and determination required to rebuild one’s soul after it has been shattered by the unfathomable. In sharing her journey she shows us that we can all overcome and continue to heal, and grow, one day at a time.

Captain Suzanne Skeeters

Delta Air Lines

A life-changing story from a remarkable woman of courage, strength, and wisdom. The book has inspired me to dig deeper into my own spiritual search. Karen Perry’s breakthrough is a constant reminder of God’s plan and love for all of us.

Jonas Elrod

Writer/Director of In Deep Shift (Oprah Winfrey Network)

Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story is a beautifully written book about a woman’s life journey, her incomprehensible loss and, ultimately, her extraordinary courage. This is a true story full of honesty and riveting detail that leaves you forever moved.

Paul Babeu

Pinal County Sheriff

Karen Perry’s story is one of heartbreaking sorrow and transcendent strength. Her experience speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit, inspiring each of us to find that light within ourselves.

Ashley Davis Bush

Author of Transcending Loss

On the evening before Thanksgiving, an airplane shuttling Perry’s ex-husband and three small children crashed into a mountainside, killing them instantly. This biography charts Perry’s journey to, and eventually beyond, that “agonizing night.”…read the full review

Kirkus Reviews


About the Author

LANDON J. NAPOLEON is the award-winning and critically acclaimed author of thirteen fiction and nonfiction books. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Arizona State University, a master’s degree from University of Glasgow in Scotland, and has been an author for more than two decades. His debut novel ZigZag received starred reviews, was a Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” finalist (1999), and was translated into multiple foreign editions and adapted for a motion picture starring John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, and Wesley Snipes (Franchise Pictures, 2002). His nonfiction biography Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story—an “inspiring true story” (Kirkus Reviews) that “celebrates the resilience of the human spirit” (Publishers Weekly)—was the March 2014 “Arizona Republic Recommends” selection. Interweaving narratives of human triumph, medical marvels, police procedure and high-stakes legal showdowns, the book chronicles the triumph of a rare human being with an undeniable will to live. Likewise, in Angels Three: The Karen Perry Story, the author takes readers inside personal tragedy and ultimately a hopeful journey of human perseverance through unimaginable loss.

Acclaim for Landon J. Napoleon’s Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story

This enthralling biography injects the intimacy of fiction into a true story of human endurance. Readers are continuously reminded that Jason Schechterle is flesh, bones, and blood, not a fictional character, and they are invited to experience his terror, frustration, and ultimate triumph.

Publishers Weekly

A maimed cop fights to regain his life in this inspiring true story . … Landon J. Napoleon, the author of several crime novels, is skilled at painting a scene in slangy strokes while balancing plotlines . … This true story reads like a novel.

Kirkus Reviews

Landon J. Napoleon displays a flair for detail in this fast-moving book…The third-person account is an inspiring read, even for those with a passing familiarity with the story from the news.

Arizona Republic